Hydrodynamic Models of Line-driven Accretion Disk Winds. II. Adiabatic Winds from Nonisothermal Disks

Pereyra, N. A.,Kallman, T.R., & Blondin, J. M.

Published in: ApJ, 532, 563


We present here numerical hydrodynamic simulations of line-driven accretion disk winds in cataclysmic variable systems. We calculate wind mass-loss rate, terminal velocities, and line profiles for C IV (1550 ) for various viewing angles. The models are 2.5-dimensional, include an energy balance condition, and calculate the radiation field as a function of position near an optically thick accretion disk. The model results show that centrifugal forces produce collisions of streamlines in the disk wind that in turn generate an enhanced density region, underlining the necessity of two-dimensional calculations where these forces may be represented. For disk luminosity Ldisk=Lsolar, white dwarf mass Mwd=0.6 Msolar, and white dwarf radii Rwd=0.01 Rsolar, we obtain a wind mass-loss rate of M&d2;wind=8x10-12 Msolar yr-1, and a terminal velocity of ~3000 km s-1. The line profiles we obtain are consistent with observations in their general form, in particular in the maximum absorption at roughly half the terminal velocity for the blueshifted component, in the magnitudes of the wind velocities implied by the absorption components, in the FWHM of the emission components, and in the strong dependence in inclination angle.