Wind dynamics in SMC X-1. 2: Ginga and ROSAT observations

Woo, Jonathan W.; Clark, George W.; Blondin, John M.; Kallman, Timothy R.; Nagase, Fumiaki

Published in: ApJ, 445, 896


The X-ray phenomena of the binary system SMC X-1/Sk 160, observed with the Ginga and ROSAT X-ray observatories, are compared with computed phenomena derived from a three-dimensional hydrodynamical model of the stellar wind perturbed by X-ray heating and ionization which is described in the accompanying paper (Blondin & Woo 1995). In the model the B0 I primary star has a line-driven stellar wind in the region of the X-ray shadow and a thermal wind in the region heated by X-rays. We find general agreement between the observed and predicted X-ray spectrum throughout the binary orbit cycle, including the extended, variable, and asymmetric eclipse transitions and the period of deep eclipse.