Collimation of Astrophysical Jets: The Proto-Planetary Nebula He 3-1475

Borkowski, Kazimierz J.; Blondin, John M.; Harrington, J. Patrick

Published in: ApJ, 482, 97


The proto--planetary nebula He 3-1475 was imaged in the [N II] lambda 6584 line with the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 on board the Hubble Space Telescope. This image has revealed what appear to be large-scale flows being collimated into narrow bipolar jets. This is a unique object: we may be observing the actual collimation process of an astrophysical jet. Analytical models and hydrodynamical simulations suggest that the jet in He 3-1475 may be produced by purely hydrodynamical means, through focusing of a weakly collimated bipolar outflow into jets by oblique radiative shocks.