Radio observations of the remnant of the supernova of AD 1006. II - Polarization observations

Reynolds, Stephen P.; Gilmore, Diane M.

Published in: AJ, 106, 272


Polarized flux observations of the SNR of AD 1006 made with the NRAO VLA are presented. The gross morphology in polarized intensity reveals two bright limbs across from each other. The SE quadrant, faintest in total intensity, shows significant polarized flux, while the extension of the NE, fairly bright in total intensity, appears almost unpolarized. Significant polarized flux is also seen in the SNR center. An integrated polarized fraction of about 13 percent is found; ratios as high as 30 percent may occur locally. The observations can be used to infer an intrinsic polarization position angle, and it is deduced that the ordered component of the magnetic field is primarily radial. The polarized fraction upper limits imply that the magnetic field is dominantly disordered, and it is estimated that the radial component contains only about 20 percent of the total magnetic energy density.