Quantum Mechanics I (PY 401)


Physics 401/401 (Quantum Mechanics) provides an introduction to quantum mechanics intended for undergraduate students in physics or engineering. Part I (PY401) covers the Schroedinger equation, simple solutions (harmonic oscillator, Hydrogen atom), Spin, and the abstract (Bra/Ket) formalism.

  1. Lecture:
    TTh 10:15-11:30, RID 315
    Instructor: T. Schaefer, Office RID
    email: Thomas_Schaefer[at]ncsu.edu
    Office hours: Wed 2:00-4:00 and by appointment.
  2. Homework:
    Most thursdays a set of homework problems will be assigned. (You can also check the website.) The homework is due thursday the following week.
  3. Exams
    There will be two midterm exams, some quizzes, and a final.
  4. Grade
    Your final grade will be determined by weighting the various portions of the course as follows:
    Midterms: 30%, Quizzes: 10%, Final: 30%, Homework: 30%
  5. Textbook
    Quantum Mechanics by Phillip J. E. Peebles, Princeton Univeristy Press. Supplemental Material:

Course Information: [pdf]

Handouts: [Numerical solution of Schroedinger equation: nb, pdf] [Same for potential with two bound states: nb, pdf] [Coulomb wave functions]

Rules: Homework is due in class. No late homework accepted.

[Quiz 1][Quiz 2]

Questions? Send email to thomas_schaefer(at)ncsu_edu