Nuclear Physics (PHY 506)


Physics 506 (Nuclear and Subatomic Physics) provides an introduction to modern nuclear physics and is intended for advanced undergraduate or graduate students. A brief outline is provided below.


  1. Nucleons and Nuclear Forces
    Properties of Nucleons and Nuclei
    Nucleon-Nucleon forces and the deuteron
    Conservation laws, isospin.

  2. Nuclear Models and Nuclear Stability
    The Fermi Gas and Liquid Drop Models
    Radioactivity, Fusion and Fission
    The Shell Model

  3. Weak Interactions and Neutrinos
    Weak Interactions: beta-deacy, e capture, etc
    Quarks and leptons
    Neutrino Physics

  4. Fission and Fusion, Nuclear Astrophysics
    Fission reactions, nuclear energy
    Fusion recations
    Stellar burning

  5. The Quark Structure of Matter
    Deep Inelatic Scattering and the Structure of the Nucleon
    Heavy Ion Collisions and the Quark Gluon Plasma

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