Quantum Field Theory III, QCD (PHY 716)

Prof. D. LEE, Prof. T. SCHAEFER

Physics 716 (Qunatum Field Theory III) is a reading course based on the third part of Peskin and Schroeder ``An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory''. The main objective of the course is to provide an introduction to the modern theory of strong interactions, QCD, for students that are familiar with the concepts of quantum field theory.

Class Meeting Times: Tu 12:00-13:00, BOM 115


  1. Gauge Invariance, Yang Mills Lagrangian (PS 15.1,15.2)
  2. SU(3) (PS 15.4)
  3. Feynman Rules (PS 16.1)
  4. Fadeev Popov Method, Unitarity (PS 16.2)
  5. One-loop structure: gauge boson (PS 16.5)
  6. One-loop structure: fermions, vertex (PS 16.5)
  7. One-loop structure: beta function (PS 16.5)
  8. Quarks and e+e- annihilation (PS 17.1,17.2)
  9. Deep Inelastic Scattering (PS 17.3)
  10. Jets (PS 17.4)
  11. Evolution equations (PS 17.5)
  12. Operator Product Expansion (PS 18.3,18.4)

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