Cold Gas Meetings Fall 2014

Unless listed otherwise, meetings are held in Riddick 400p. If you would like to receive email notifications, please contact me. Also, please send me suggestions for topics, linlks to interesting papers, talks etc.

Friday, August 29 (11 am)
Topic: Equation of state and BEC/BCS crossover in 2d
References: Turlapov's paper and associated viewpoint.
More references: Chevy review on polarized gases (in 3d) and Parish on the 2d Polaron

Thursday, September 4 (1 pm):
Topic: More viscosity: How does Kathy Levin get the shear viscosity to vanish at T=0?
If there is time: What to do about hydro/kinetic interface?
In other news: Newton-Cartan mini-revolution: 1, 2, 3, 4

Friday, September 12 (11 am):
No meeting.

Friday, September 19 (11 am):
Proton polaron in neutron matter (Dean)
Debbie Jin paper on Fermi liquid description

Thursday, September 25 (1 pm):
Phase diagram of polarized gas w/o trap (2d vs 3d), see Chevy review on polarized gases
News on viscosity?
Debbie Jin paper (see previous week)?

Friday, October 3 (11 am):
No meeting.

Thursday, October 9 (1 pm):
Viscosity away from conformality, see John's data and our preprint.

Friday, October 16 (11 am):
No meeting.

Thursady, October 23 (1 pm):
Debbie Jin's paper paper on the breakdown of Fermi liquid theory.

Friday, October 31, Haloween edition (11:15 am):
Superfluidity in expansion experiments (see John's data).
Superfluidity in Grimm's second sound and collective mode experiment.

Thursady, November 6 (1 pm):
Free-for-all Thursday.
Selim's paper on the BKT transition.

Friday, November 14 (1 pm):
No meeting.

Thursady, November 19 (1 pm):
News on 2d-polaron dispersion curve, and polarized phase diagram.
Also note: Science paper on the contact in nuclear physics, and more detailed theory paper.