TNT Colloquium Spring 2005

Unless listed otherwise, talks are held at 4pm in the Bureau of Mines (room 115) at NCSU, in the faculty lounge at Duke, or in room TBA at UNC. For directions and a map of the central campus at NCSU click here, for Duke click here.

January 18:

February 1: Charles Horowitz (Indiana) [at NCSU]
Neutron rich matter in astrophysics and in the laboratory

February 15:

February 22: Harald Griesshammer (Munich) [at NCSU, note special week]
An Effective Tale of A Few Nucleons and Photons

February 25: Ping Wang (Adelaide) [Special TNT/Nuclear Theory Seminar at NCSU]
Strange nucleon form factors, pi and sigma meson properties in a relativistic quark model

March 1: George Fuller (UCSD) [at NCSU]
Neutrinos, Entropy, and Gravitation: Nature's Recipe for Nuclei

March 8: Walter Goldberger (Yale) [at Duke, note special week]
An Effective Field Theory of Gravity for Extended Objects

March 15: Hans Hammer (INT) [at Duke]
Universality in Few-Body Physics: from Light Nuclei to Cold Atoms

March 22: Roland Crocker (CFA Harvard) [Special TNT/Nuclear Theory Seminar at NCSU]
Neutrons from the Galactic center

March 29: Thomas Papenbrock (ORNL) [at UNC]

April 5: Felipe Llanes Estrada (Madrid) [Nuclear Theory/TNT seminar at NCSU]
Slow gluons are heavy and rowdy

April 12: Werner Vogelsang (BNL) [at Duke]
Exploring the Proton Spin

April 26: Rich Brower (BU) [at Duke]
Back to the Future: AdS/CFT interpretation of the Regge Limit for QCD

May 3: Rob Pisarski (BNL) [at Duke]
Deconfinement and Matrix Models