Welcome to the Astrophyics Homepage of the Department of Physics at NCSU. Astrophysics research at NCSU is represented by faculty members Stephen Reynolds, Don Ellison, John Blondin, and Kazik Borkowski, and various graduate and undergraduate students.

NCSU joins other North Carolina Universities in hosting the 190th meeting of the American Astronomical Society in June of 1997.

Graduate studies in theoretical astrophysics at NCSU offer exciting opportunities in the rapidly growing field of computational science. For more information, check out the Graduate School and/or Department of Physics homepages as well as the astrophysics research described below.

Undergraduate opportunities in astrophysics include several formal courses and independent research, including a summer research program sponsored through the NSF's Research Experiences for Undergraduates program.

Astrophysics research at NCSU centers on the theoretical studies of supernova remnants. Issues addressed by our group include particle acceleration, origin of synchrotron emission, and the hydrodynamic evolution of SNRs. Other topics pursued in theoretical astrophysics include the physics of collisionless shocks, accretion processes, stellar jets and winds, and interacting binary stars. Examples of current research are available online, including several MPEG files of astrophysical simulations.

Much of the research in our group draws heavily on techniques in computational science, including Monte Carlo calculations, hydrodynamic simulations with VH-1, particle simulations, and non-equilibrium ionization calculations. In addition to local workstations, our group uses the facilities of the North Carolina Supercomputing Center and the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center.

Observational work is also carried out at NCSU to complement the theoretical research. National facilities including the NRAO's Very Large Array and NASA's (international) ROSAT and ASCA satellites are used to obtain radio and X-ray images and spectra of supernova remnants.

The NCSU Astrophysics Preprint Library provides access to postscript files of recently submitted publications by NCSU faculty and students.

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