The NCSU Astrophysics group has long enjoyed the participation of undergraduates in active research projects. The role of students ranges from assistance in data analysis of X-ray and radio observations, to fully independent research projects. In addition to working part time during the semester, each summer, several students immerse themselves in full time astrophysics research.

Follow the link above to view the work of eight undergraduate students participating in astrophysics research during Summer 2009.




Research Publications by Undergraduates

Instability of Isothermal Stellar Wind Bowshocks
Blondin, Koerwer
Tidal mass transfer in elliptical-orbit binary stars
Layton, Blondin, Owen, Stevens
Evolution of cold shock-bounded slabs
Blondin & Marks
Numerical Analysis of the Dynamic Stability of Radiative Shocks
Strickland & Blondin
Hydrodynamic simulations of the mass transfer in Algol
Blondin, Richards, Malinowski