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Beginner Serial Parallel

VH-1 comes in three versions, designed for users to be able to smoothly transition from a simple one-dimensional application to a large-scale three-dimensional simulation on the largest supercomputers available. All versions use the same core 1D PPMLR code.

These codes come in two different packages. If you are new to computational hydrodynamics you should start with a stand-alone version of the Beginner code, a basic 1D version:

VH-0.5 source code

The other package comes with all three versions, Beginner, Serial, and Parallel, all sharing the same core 1D PPMLR code:

VH-1 source code

The directory structure of the full code package is shown below. Each version comes in its own subdirectory with its own Makefile. All three versions share the same 1D subroutines in the PPMLR/ subdirectory. When one of these versions is compiled in its subdirectory with the Makefile, the executable is placed in the top level directory along side the indat file. When the code is run the ouput files are written to the subdirectory output/.